We’ve built a freight solution that benefits everyone

The digital freight management platform you’ve been waiting for


How are you going to save me more money than you charge in fees?

Netlogix creates a win-win-win for everyone involved by bringing shippers and carriers together to create efficiencies right across the transport network, delivering savings in cost, time and carbon.

Can I trust that you understand the industry and want my business to succeed?

Every one of our team members, partners and collaborators is deeply involved in the logistics industry, united by a mission to hunt down inefficiencies and find a better way.

Are you only focussed on lower costs, or can you help improve safety and service as well?

The Netlogix win-win-win model means we can find efficiencies that improve both costs and service levels, while ensuring safety for both drivers and your receiving staff.

What level of reporting, insights and analysis do you offer to help continually improve my operations?

Our digital platform uses advanced technology to gather data from every aspect of the freight network, giving you performance metrics on individual routes, laneways and even customers.

Will I be locked into contracts and volumes, or can I scale up quickly and easily to meet seasonal demand?

By bringing together Australia’s best carriers from across every region, Netlogix is able to quickly scale up to meet peak demand and allow you to service customers in new regions.

Do you have formal ties with specific carriers or are you an independent platform?

Our ‘asset-lite’ independence and belief in innovation mean we can approach freight industry challenges from a holistic viewpoint, tackling complex issues for both freight owners and carriers, to create a simplified user experience that delivers real business value.

Too many carriers and shippers are still relying on traditional, overly manual systems to manage freight. This means inefficiency and missed opportunities.

At Netlogix, our goal is to overcome this by digitalising and revolutionising freight management. Our smart, innovative technology matches shippers’ needs with carriers’ capacity – eliminating empty kilometres, and improving efficiency, service and visibility.

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