Why choose a new freight company when you can have ALL of them?

Pioneering the more efficient, reliable and sustainable freight management platform of the future

Freight management you can count on

Cost savings for your bottom line

We use smart technology to optimise the movement of freight across multiple shipper and carrier networks. This increases loads, reduces waste and ultimately, delivering your goods faster at a lower cost.

Greater service and reliability

What if you could use any carrier to reach any customer? Netlogix brings a wide network of carriers together into a seamless platform, that gives you choice and helps you improve your customer satisfaction levels.

Data visibility and insights

Delivery of real time KPIs and Control Tower reporting to inform supply chain decisions.

Lower emissions

Your customers expect you to deliver on all-important emissions targets. Netlogix reduces empty kilometres and maximises efficiency to help you reduce your business' overall emissions and make progress on your sustainability goals.

Introducing a new era of data-led efficiency and reliability

Freight management is crucial for enhancing customer service and improving your bottom line. The Netlogix method offers a win-win-win advantage—for shippers, carriers, and the environment. Our data-driven approach reduces waste across the supply chain, allowing for more efficient freight movement with fewer trucks, thereby promoting a cleaner logistics environment.

With Netlogix, you gain full control. Incorporate your existing carrier agreements or utilise our extensive network of over 500 carriers to build a responsive, resilient freight system tailored to your needs. This adaptability ensures your organisational demands are met, enabling optimal business decisions.

As the first Australasian B Corp certified freight platform and logistics provider, we are pioneers in sustainable freight management. We commit to continuous advancement, consistently striving to surpass the high standards we set. Our routine evaluations and transparent reporting, which comply with stringent ESG criteria, reinforce our dedication and build trust with partners and clients.

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