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Netlogix is the digital freight management platform that’s delivering more win-win-win opportunities for carriers

There are plenty of reasons why independent freight transport companies are joining Netlogix – including the chance to be part of a new generation in digital freight management.

Unlike brokers, we take the very best elements of industry expertise, deep partnerships and future-focused technology to remove the administration burden and allow you to focus on your trucks and your drivers. We’re about ensuring a win-win-win for everyone.

Loads every day

With customers all over the country, we'll ensure your trucks have loads every day.

Better loads for better margins

We can help optimise loads and routes and put more goods into the unused space you already carry- better loads mean better returns.

Less administration

Spend less time on administration and business processes and more time on your trucks and drivers.

Get paid on time

Knowing you'll be paid on time will give you peace of mind each month.

Got questions about Netlogix?

How can Netlogix actually save you money?What level of analysis, insights and reporting do we offer? We’ve provided some answers to some of your most important questions.

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