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How will I be able to access more loads with bigger customers?

Netlogix is already moving over 6 million freight units across Australia and New Zealand, and we’re growing faster than ever. Our network effects mean that each carrier we add to the platform dramatically improves our appeal to big shippers looking to reach their customers.

Do I need to pay commissions or fees to access the bigger customers on your platform?

There are no fees or commission you need to pay. We make our fees by combining multiple specialist carriers into a single network, finding efficiencies for shippers and taking a portion of their savings. It’s a win-win-win model.

Can I trust that you understand the industry and want my business to succeed?

Every one of our team members, partners and collaborators is deeply involved in the logistics industry, united by a mission to hunt down inefficiencies and find a better way.

Is it complicated to install and learn how to use the technology?

Our experts take care of integrating the technology and setting up the systems to work with the software and management tools you already use. Your drivers get an app to use on the device they are already familiar with.

Will you be able to improve the tracking visibility I can provide to my customers, in real time?

Our digital platform uses advanced technology to gather data from every aspect of the freight network, giving you performance metrics on individual routes, laneways and even customers.

Can you offer expert guidance to track, manage and report Carbon in my operations?

As customers and regulators both here and overseas move to a more detailed and transparent accounting of emissions in the broader supply chain, we’ve developed sophisticated tools within our platform to help you track, analyse and report the carbon footprint of your transport operations.

Freight management has huge opportunities for better efficiencies

Empty kilometres

40% of all freight kilometres driven in Australia and New Zealand are empty kilometres.

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Lack of digitalisation

Less than 1/3 of transport and logistics companies have ‘advanced’ digitalisation.

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Rising emissions

Rising CO2 emmissions

Emissions from freight transport will make up 28% of all transport emissions by 2030.

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Too many carriers and shippers are still relying on traditional, overly manual systems to manage freight. This means inefficiency and missed opportunities.

At Netlogix, our goal is to overcome this by digitalising and revolutionising freight management. Our smart, innovative technology matches shippers’ needs with carriers’ capacity – eliminating empty kilometres, and improving efficiency, service and visibility.

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