Netlogix is Now B Corp Certified

Dec 8, 2023

We have exciting news to share! Netlogix is now officially a Certified B Corporation – a global standard that recognises businesses working to be better, balancing purpose with profit.

B Lab Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

Our B Corp Certification stands as a testament to our strong commitment to meeting high standards of environmental and social responsibility. This means, when you partner with us, you’re choosing a trusted leader with a proven sustainable approach to managing freight.

As an Australasian B Corp Certified freight logistics platform, we’re pioneering a new era of freight management. We recognise that freight transport is one of the major sources of global emissions and has significant environmental impact. One thing we have been proud of, is how the Netlogix business model aligns with B Corp’s values and goals, as we aim to ‘move more with less’ and reduce empty kilometres across the freight networks, as a result, the community benefits from the reduced emissions and less trucks on the road whilst unlocking cost, service and asset efficiencies in the supply chain for both shippers and carriers.

Being B Corp Certified is about doing business differently, align

ing perfectly with our vision for the future of freight. Every decision we make needs to consider its impact on our customers, suppliers, community, our people and broader environment, ensuring a win-win-win outcome for all.

We're committed to constant improvement with our approach focused on optimisation. As a B Corp, we are further motivated to make a positive difference in the industry and the world and take a larger role on climate adaptation initiatives and social cohesion. We look forward to cross-business collaboration, sharing our journey with you and inviting you to join us in creating a better future for everyone!

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